Seven Days, December 10-17, 2003, pp 28A-30A. Story by Meredith Kernan, photograph by Matthew Thorsen

Doughboy Re Mi
A band of musical profs passes the test

Carlos Velez likes to tell the story of when his band, The Doughboys, once performed in public three years ago. They were in a dorm lounge at Middlebury College, playing during a study break. "I think the students were basically forced to go there," he recalls. "We start playing, and this one kid turns to his friend, and says, all surprised, 'They don't suck!'"

Who knew? Here was this garage band -- more accurately, they got together in drummer Daniel Scharstein's basement, in 1998 -- made up of guys who were not planning to quit their day jobs. Not after all those years in grad school, the slog of dissertations and long hours on respective tenure tracks at a liberal arts college in Vermont which, according to the college ratings issue published by U.S. News & World Report, also does not suck.